Friday, 13 February 2015

A picky eater's nightmare

Today I experienced what is a nightmare for all picky eaters like me - hidden condiments.

I had finished my classes a little early and my friend said she had a bit of time before her lift arrived and asked if I fancied a coffee. We then both decided we were a little peckish so we went for a coffee and a sandwich.

Now this friend knows how picky I am, I actually even think she understands it a little so she asked if I was ok going to this particular place. It only really has sandwiches and toasties but they usually have ham and cheese which is ok with me, although cheese is not ideal with my weight-loss goals.

They had a baguette with turkey and Swiss cheese, I asked if that was all that was on it and was told it was so I bought the sandwich and took a bite. It was actually quite nice, that is until I had a second bite.

Something was definitely not right so I opened the thing and low and behold there were three giant globs of mustard on it! Now I can handle a little mustard, I prefer not to but it doesn't really bother me all that much, but these were giant lumps of the stuff. I managed to get a knife and remove most of it but I feel like such an idiot when stuff like that happens.

I should just be able to eat the sandwich like a normal person, or better yet the label should tell you that there's mustard on it or at the very least the staff should be aware and tell you when specifically asked if there is anything else on there.

In these situations I always wonder what would happen if I had allergies? I mean there are plenty of people who have food allergies, I don't know how many are allergic to mustard specifically but what if I was one of them and I bit into this baguette? Of course because I am just picky, no one cares.


  1. Mustard is a major allergen and MUST be reportedas an ingredient. That cafe needs to train its staff before someone dies.

    1. It's awful to think what could have happened had I had a mustard allergy. If I remember right, this was before the new food allergy laws came into place so I would like to think that now they comply with the new law of listing all possible allergens and making sure their staff know what is in everything but it should never happened in the first place when I specifically asked if there was anything else on it.