Friday, 6 March 2015

Nightshift is a nightmare!

I actually normally really enjoy nightshift, it's not as busy as day shift (although still busy in my current ward) which means I get loads of time to chat to the qualified staff and ask them questions. It really is a good learning experience and I am quite lucky that staying up all night is not a massive problem for me.

However on my run of four nightshifts in a row the last four days I have had a massive problem. One of the auxiliary nurses has been bringing food for everyone. The first night she brought pasta with loads of veggies and stuff in it, last night she brought baked potatoes and chilli, I cant even remember what she brought on the other two nights but I know I couldn't eat it.

It's really hard to refuse food that someone has went to the trouble of preparing for you, she had made sure she had extra for me being there so there would be enough for everyone. People don't understand, I know that and I actually don't expect them to. I just wish people wouldn't get offended when I cant eat what they have brought. In fairness to her I don't think she was offended but people usually are.

What bothers me more than that though is the attitude of the other people eating, people always think its so strange that I am not eating the food that's been brought in preferring to eat my own food. I don't understand why what I eat bothers anyone else, surely its not their problem.

Anyway, I am very tired having done four nights in a row and not slept yet today. I apologise for not updating much this week, I do normally update regularly but this week has been a bit difficult for me. I plan to take a nap just now and then maybe try to make some dinner that's at least a little healthy. That's the other problem with nightshift, you eat rubbish no matter how hard you try not to. For some reason you are always hungrier and someone is always making toast or handing out chocolates, although chocolates aren't actually a problem for me as I don't like them but toast is another matter - I love toast.


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