Friday, 27 March 2015

A trip to the dentist means I will be hungry for a few days

After having surgery on my wisdom tooth a few months ago I realised that there are very few foods that I eat which are soft enough to be eaten after such a procedure.

Today I had another wisdom tooth pulled, although I had it pulled in the regular fashion rather than the surgery I had to have last time to remove just part of it. I am hoping this will mean a quicker recovery than last time.

I also had some work done on an old filling but since that tooth has no nerve I don't expect any problems with that one.

I am in a decent amount of pain despite taking the strong painkillers I take for my back. I cant take anti-inflammatories till at least tomorrow because its still bleeding a little and they thin your blood. I hope by tomorrow it stops bleeding and I am able to take my mega-strong anti-inflammatories because that would hopefully allow me to eat something.

So far today I had a bowl of cereal before I went to the dentist and about half a packet of instant noodles. I thought I would manage to eat those because they are soft but I was struggling by about a quarter of the way through them and gave up half way. I did manage one of my meal replacement drinks and I took my multi-vitamin as usual this morning.

My dentist was great though, I told him I struggle with things in my mouth before and he had obviously remembered that. He did everything in small stages and although that made the procedure take longer, it made me a little more comfortable with it all. He also let me rinse my mouth after each injection, something the dental hospital didn't let me do. This helped a lot because the stuff tastes fowl and the weird numb sensation in my throat last time made me feel a little sick. This time I didn't need to swallow any and it made a big difference.

This is actually the first time I have had a tooth out, barring the surgery I had last year to remove the top of a lower wisdom tooth. When I was a teenager they wanted to take out four teeth and give me braces to fix my overcrowded front teeth. I refused and didn't go back to the dentist for nine years for the fear that they would pull the teeth. It's weird because going to the dentist actually doesn't bother me at all, the only part of it I struggle with is when they do x-rays and I have to hold the plate in my mouth I always gag at that. For some reason I have always been more than a little scared of getting teeth pulled. It wasn't as bad as I expected actually, but it certainly wasn't a pleasant experience.

I am pretty hungry, but even less inclined to eat than usual. I might just have another meal replacement drink, although I try to stay away from them as much as possible since the only ones I have found that I can tolerate have an awful lot of sugar in them. I guess if its only for a day or two it won't really matter in the long run.

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